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Now it’s time to select the end result. Please watch the tutorial video below that walks you through selecting a final project.  When you have selected a video/project that you like, you can  enter that URL in this form below to move to the next step!


Find a project Video

To find the right video to build your project-based learning plan around, use search bars and filters that relate to your topic of interest.  For example:  If your students want to do something about sharks, you can search for “sharks” or maybe”shark projects”

Sort videos by age, category or keyword.  Don’t forget to make sure it aligns with your learning goals. The right video could add an extra layer of engagement to your project.

When you find one you liek, copy teh url and enter it in the fform above.

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Video TitleAgeDescription
Math Angles Projectelementary
Creating a Black Holemiddle school

This helpful video will walk you through the balloon and foil density activity used in Session 10 of NASA's Afterschool Universe.

drip irrigationMiddle School

drip irrigation working model science fair project 3d

Blood Circulation Systemmiddle school


kidney working modelmiddle school

kidney working model with stand for science fair exhibition

Video TitleAgeDescription

Begin at the End Video selection

The form where staff will input their final project

Take a moment to describe the type of experience you want for your student in the project. For example: " The students will collaborate, work in groups and learn about what makes birds fly, before consructing a pap[er bird.